The Book Corner

IMG_0493Welcome to The Book Corner. This is where I’ll be writing about all things book-related, whether it’s great books to take on holiday or our family’s favourite books to curl up with alone or for reading aloud.

In our house there are books everywhere. In every room, there are books spilling onto the floor from overstocked bookshelves, books stacked on coffee tables and books piled beside beds. I won’t leave the house without a book tucked away in my bag ‘just in case’. My eldest carries his current read around like a comfort blanket: I’ll find it squashed up with a torch under his bedcovers long after he’s fallen asleep or dog-eared at the bottom of his school bag. The youngest has a pile of half-read books beside his bed and wakes up early so that he can read, snuggled up under his duvet, until the rest of the house wakes up.

Like most book lovers we love talking about what we’re reading so we’re keen to share our lists of best books with you and we’d like to hear your suggestions too.


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