The mice in our attic are covered in glitter. They’ve managed to burrow into the box of Christmas decorations and find the little bag containing the reindeer food – three parts silver sparkle to one part porridge oats. Apparently it’s a big hit as all our Christmas decorations now have an added sparkle this year – and a few extra… View Post

There’s nothing that can get you into the Christmas spirit quite like a visit to one of the traditional Christmas Markets in Northern Europe. Most of these markets have changed little over the centuries and you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped back in time as you wander the medieval streets and look up at the towers of the gothic cathedrals.… View Post

“All I want for Christmas is…an Aston Martin”,  sighs my son as our car fails to start for the second time. It all began with diggers and tractors and then they moved onto trains and Thomas the Tank Engine. Before long they were dreaming of broomsticks and flying carpets. Now all my boys want to ride in is an Aston… View Post